Over 20 years ago I started designing men's wear and had clothing stores in the heart of Downtown Toronto. They operated for a total of 10 years. During that time, Queer as Folk T.V. show was in full production and used and purchased many of my designs for the filming of their series though their seasons and also filmed in my store, then called "Joave", that they renamed, "Torso" in the series. During that time I realized I had a knack for small sexy items with an edgy aspect to them. I always sold out on all my jockstraps, underwear and swimwear in my store and had quite a leather following as well since I always had some leather items.

Taking several years off after the stores closed, many family and friends kept encouraged me to continue designing and I finally took them up on it about 3 years ago, launching my designs as Raw Studio Designs (branded as Raw Studio), sold exclusively at my biggest supporters, Jockstrap Central. Many years ago they started off as customers and quick became good friends that I hold dearly.

I have always loved underwear, jockstraps and swimwear so for me it was an easy transition to start a new company that focused on those items. I design with Creativity, Talent and Passion so I use that as my tag lines. My designs have a Raw sexuality about them as I embrace that male dominant energy that powers the creative process. It also helps that I love what I do and feel pride that there are men out there that not only purchase my designs because they like them but feel that they are a sexier version of themselves while wearing them. that makes me happy! That fuels my energy! Also I am a fan of my own products as I wear them daily.

Thank you for believing and participating in my dream,

Ed Velasquez - Designer/Owner